The compilation of art featured collectively in this category have luminous qualities.

The idea behind Lightworks began as an effort to create something unique, which focused on light.

Over the years, I’ve developed the deep rooted belief that it’s ‘all about the light…and love’ and I had been searching for a way to communicate that through my artwork.

I began to experiment and simply play with my art supplies and materials. Consequently and much to my delight, what has emerged, is an extremely unique  collection of artworks such as those illustrated here. The pieces tend to have an ethereal or magical quality when the lights go out, which lends itself to the concept of light I had hoped to capture on canvas.

Each piece appears differently in daylight and in the darkness. There are variations in each piece regarding the amount and intensity of glow and also the type of effect. Some pieces may also be created utilizing paint that will begin to  decrease in luminosity within approximately fifteen minutes each time the lights are turned out.

Some artwork requires the use of ultraviolet light in order to view the luminosity, while other pieces utilize phosphorescent paints and are completely self charging during the day or under artificial lights.

Commissioned artwork is available for order as are reprints of many of the pieces displayed on this site. Luminous qualities may be added to reprints.

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The original items listed above are no longer available, however these items may be available in print form upon request. In regard to the Jesus portrait, it is important to note that luminous qualities are not, nor were they ever added to this particular piece.